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Vincent van der Klaauw index


I’m a Visual Effects artist with a solid background in film and digital image making. I’m fascinated by the visual impact of digital set-extensions, digital
matte paintings and digital environments created in feature films. Working on those shots is an exciting process, mainly because of the different skills you can combine to create a matching reality.
My aim is to work on shots with digital set extensions, 3D environments, and digital (3D) matte paintings to tell a story in a few seconds.

I like to work within a team and to share techniques and thoughts. With my background and interest for design I might be very useful to help out on the interaction between an artistic vision and the technical aspects as well.
I combine those disciplines in my work and I want to grow within this direction.


Digital Environments / Matte paintings

Digital (3D) Matte Paintings,
Full Backgrounds, Set Extensions, Look development, Layout, Production art of shots and elements.

3D Generalist

A wide range of 3D tasks like modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, dynamics, sculpting,
basic rigging & animating.


A wide range of compositing tasks up to creating 3D projections and a good knowledge of working with 3D renders.

Work Experience

Feel free to contact me for any questions or other project matters.

For a up-to-date showreel and resume please send your request to
Or visit my Linkedin page for more info.

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